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    Electro Sex Glosary →

    Glossary of Terms

    • Electrode:
      This is the device through which the Erotic Electro Stimulation is delivered to the body. These come in single pole, double pole, or quad pole versions.
      • Single Pole Electrode:

        An Electrode with only one connection point and one continuous conductive surface. This device must have another Electrode used with it to complete the circuit. It will not work if connected all by itself. (Exception to this rule is if it is used in a Three-Electrode Configuration on a P.E.S. Power Box.) Also known as Uni-Polar.
      • Double Pole Electrode:

        An Electrode with two connection points and two separate conductive surfaces encapsulated within the same Electrode. This device can be used by itself as it can complete its own circuit. This device can also be used as a single pole Electrode if only one of its connection points is used. Also known as Bi-Polar.
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    Super Simplified Basics of Electro Sex →

    Basics of Erotic Electro Stimulation

    1. Generating Source
      *This is the Power Source, such as the P.E.S. Power Box or a TENS unit or other made-for-play box.
    2. Delivery Source
      *This is the Electrode or Electrodes being used to deliver the actual stimulation from the Generating Source.
    3. Focusing
      *Combines 1 & 2
      *Adjusting the Generating Source, such as intensity (power), frequency, & pulse to create the most effective stimulation for the individual.
      *Adjusting and lubricating the Delivery Source so it is functioning at its most effective.

    This is a major simplification of the concept but these three basics working in harmony can lead to what has been termed a ‘hands-free orgasm’, where no physical contact is needed with the genitals in order to achieve climax. 

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