Paradise Electro Stimulation

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Conquering the world one Electro Sex Toy at a time since 1986!


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Glossary of Terms

  • Electrode:
    This is the device through which the Erotic Electro Stimulation is delivered to the body. These come in single pole, double pole, or quad pole versions.
    • Single Pole Electrode:

      An Electrode with only one connection point and one continuous conductive surface. This device must have another Electrode used with it to complete the circuit. It will not work if connected all by itself. (Exception to this rule is if it is used in a Three-Electrode Configuration on a P.E.S. Power Box.) Also known as Uni-Polar.
    • Double Pole Electrode:

      An Electrode with two connection points and two separate conductive surfaces encapsulated within the same Electrode. This device can be used by itself as it can complete its own circuit. This device can also be used as a single pole Electrode if only one of its connection points is used. Also known as Bi-Polar.

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