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Basics of Erotic Electro Stimulation

  1. Generating Source
    *This is the Power Source, such as the P.E.S. Power Box or a TENS unit or other made-for-play box.
  2. Delivery Source
    *This is the Electrode or Electrodes being used to deliver the actual stimulation from the Generating Source.
  3. Focusing
    *Combines 1 & 2
    *Adjusting the Generating Source, such as intensity (power), frequency, & pulse to create the most effective stimulation for the individual.
    *Adjusting and lubricating the Delivery Source so it is functioning at its most effective.

This is a major simplification of the concept but these three basics working in harmony can lead to what has been termed a ‘hands-free orgasm’, where no physical contact is needed with the genitals in order to achieve climax. 

So while explaining how to use the Power Box and Vaginal Plug to a group of retailers while at The Stockroom a few years ago, I got a little ‘shock’. 

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